Servo Gui Questions

I had some questions about the servo gui.   I think internally if Velocity is set to null its not being used.  From the gui perspective - it would be blank.  I'm guessing the graphic is showing the "old" way of -1 being full speed? So, I'll need to get rid of that.  You either put in a velocity or don't use it - this is what determines if you are using speed control.  The buttons need a little refactoring so they aren't all squished. Also, I think it could be compacted some .. there is a lot of blank space.  

Your welcome to suggest other improvements...  (the nice thing about gui's is everyone can potentially have an opinion on it since its visible - regardless of the implementation)

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Refactor time :) Beyond the

Refactor time :)

Beyond the graphic representation that need a little facelift is the question of velocity management. If I follow you since the scripting part:

no velocity control, so max servo can do -> servo.setVelocity (null)
velocity set to 0, so no move -> servo.setVelocity (0)

I think the control of velocity is not used enough it will probably help, but it is limited with hobbie servo, but mrl offer tools to deal with it.

More generally the goal of this HMI was to provide a very minimalist interface for calibrating the servos and that the data be recorded using (). Either directly in the conf files or by exporting the python commands for a DIY script. Not yet used but close to.

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Hello everyone...   I am

Hello everyone...


I am building inmoov right hand but controlling with myrobotlab gesture creation i got everytime one error like "com 2 did n't get response from arduino",can't write to closed port and arduino->mrl error.


please help me out i am dealing with this for last 2 months but i failed to solve this.


i tried changing com port of arduino and python script config but i failed there also.

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Ahoy tabassumone and Welcome

Ahoy tabassumone and Welcome !

Step 1 - did you load MrlComm on you Arduino
Step 2 - can you connect to the Arduino with an Arduino service, can you control the single Servo

(All this can be done without InMoov scripts, and only the gui)

start with small careful steps and you will eventually travel far

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Yes but not through myrobotlab but simply using my arduino IDE.

I am able to control and provided gesture also and controlled my inmoov through neuroSky brain headset but i want to do all this through MyRobotlab. kindly help me out.

Every time i m getting arduino->mrl error bad magic numbers. I am facing issue while interfacing my arduino with myrobotlab.