Service Won't Install

I recently downloaded myrobotlab for the purpose of creating the inmoov robot.  When I try installing the arduino or any other service it says that is has finished processing updates, but it still says not installed next to the arduino and inmoov services and I am unable to start them.  When you right click on them it still only gives the install option, no start.  What have I done wrong? What do I need to do?

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Since the installation

Since the installation procedure does not appear to be working correctly, the first suspect that comes to mind it the internet connection.   Proxy servers and some firewalls make trouble sometimes for the install process.  (Actually Proxy servers make trouble all the time)

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I do not think that it is a

I do not think that it is a proxy server problem as I did the installation at home where there is no proxy server.   It may be because of the firewall, but I'm not sure yet.  I just wanted to add that after I try to install the arduino it gives a message with a big green check mark saying "finished,checking for latest version of log4j,attempting to retrieve log4j info, finished processing updates". 

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I have seen firewalls pick

I have seen firewalls pick the dlls (necessary for communication to hardware) out of the stream coming back.

Here is a thread which gives an example of this -

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I turned off my firewall and

I turned off my firewall and have no proxy server. It still does the same thing. It says it finished updating but does not allow you to start the arduino.

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Very strange?  Could you send

Very strange?  Could you send a no-worky as this link explains?

A new log is created each time MRL runs - so can you delete the .ivy directory - try to install then after the green check - don't restart but send a no-worky?

Hope you feel excited .. this is definately a first :)

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Same Problem

I am having the same problem when trying to install a service.  I click install the install box comes up and displays 3 lines of text:

"checking for latest version of log4j

attempting to retrieve log4j info

finished processing updates"

The box displays a green check mark and acts as if it is finished.  However, it states that it is still not installed next to the service.  If I right click it again it asks tells me to install there is no option to start.  

I have tried from different wifi sources with my firewalls both on and completely turned off.  I have also tried several different releases of myrobotlab.

P.S.  I just tried to send a no worky from my robotlab and received an error when doing so.  Big error box DOH!

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Error Picture

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Hi !

To help diagnose - I've done the following...


unzipped it - and immediately pressed Help->About-> Grog it "no-worky"
typed in GroG
pressed ok

This is what I got - after about 10 seconds it say - log file sent. Thank you.

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Something to do with pathing

Something to do with pathing on startup ! 
Some services don't require additional services - and they should already be green !  The cause of this is your MRL instance can't get to some files .. OOOOOHHH WAIT .. you are unzipping this before running YES?

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Ok sdftk8 said he would try

Ok sdftk8 said he would try to uncompress into a directory which does not have a space in it !

AND HE SAYS ... IT - WORKY !!!!!

SO I HAVE ANOTHER BUG TO FIX - but thanks to sdftk8 ... YAY !  we have a work-around - which is simply to unzip it into a directory without spaces in the path name...

"C:\Program Files" BAD !

"C:\myrobotlab"  GOOD !


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Im actually working with

Im actually working with sdftk8 in person so my problem is fixed too!