Saw this on Google+ today

Great Work !

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un inmoov qui parle francais

un inmoov qui parle francais cela me fait plaisir

superbe boulot 

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Hi ! I give the software and

Hi ! I give the software and sources , soon , some compatibility problems and it is unstable. And need to globalise it. Tks seb , amby for beta test. And all MRL team !

The base python script used is ProgramAB sample from Beetlejuice

What MRLTheater do:

- IA network server ( actualy it's just a POC, the exemple show pictures from search engine hack  )

> Just use "url get' in a python script : from AB star

doesnt dev the awnser at this time: string = http ... to give a python answer

- All tools one single screen ( usefull for touchscreen )

- MRL installer/ Launcher ,  java killer, with default aiml and

- Webkit MIC integration ( very crappy...  it's a chrome.exe process redirection, but it works on the same screen )

Later I do :

videos, dlna, weather, trafic ...

Arduino API to update MRLCOMM if it's possible

Other side communication : MRLtheater > MRL dont know how to do this 4 now

publish an IA server on WWW ?


Coucou Amby :)

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STL part display

Hi, where can I find file STL of stomach part for display? It's beautiful 

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Hi papa ! this is the STL :

Hi papa ! this is the STL :

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Thanks moz4r

Thanks so munch moz4r ;)