rtsp in opencv

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OpenCV and rstp

I don't have a ip camera to test with, but I found this site where you can get an rstp videostream:


Use the Direct RSTP URL:

Start opencv

Select ffmpeg and mark the radiobutton File:

Use this URL as file: 


Press Capture

OpenCv rstp stream


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Thanks Mats. Still unable to

Thanks Mats. Still unable to capture it via MRL but can play it on VLC. I am running MRL on a PC with Windows7 32-bit.


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No worky

It's difficult to guess what's happening. Could you please send a "no-worky". It will send the logfile to a place where we can look at it.

You find it in Help => About

Press the button Help it "no-worky"

Fill in your username ( eonclaw ) and press OK

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Sent a no-worky.

Sent a no-worky. I also tried it on the latest build but still can't...

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Missing ffmpeg dependency

There was a missing dependency in MRL, so it worked from Eclipse, but not in the build.

I have updated the dependency and tested on Windows 64-bit and also on Raspberry PI, so hopefully it will work on window-32 bit also.

Download the latest release ( 2359 ) or later and install OpenCV.


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Cool!  Worky now at 2362. Thank you very much Mats.

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Using ffmpeg to capture from the camera also works on the PI

There is currently a problem using the camera on the PI, using the OpenCV framegrabber.

As a workaround you can use FFmpeg and select /dev/video0 as the input file