A pretty fun diversion (squirrel !), Listening to country music ... that seems to be most common in the lower frequency bands with a RTL-SDR 

Gareth turned me on to it. Linux install was pretty straight forward.  Digital packet over low band ... hmmmm.... slow but nice range

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SDR Software.....

They are great powerful devices,,,,, there are a lot of strange signals out there...

I have gone through quite a number of Software packages , here are the ones I had most success with :-

  1. SDR Console                    https://www.sdr-radio.com/
  2. SDR#  (aka SDR Spy)       https://airspy.com/download/
  3. RTL1090   (for Aircraft Tracking) https://www.jetvision.de/manuals/rtl1090imu.zip

and for Android devices with a hacked usb port cable (OTG adaptor) :-

ADSB Receiver


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any good scanning experiences

any good scanning experiences ?
I see "trunk" alot in references ... i'll need to look that up 

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Best explaination I have found sofar is :-




RXing analogue signals is easy......

RXing Digital gets a bit tricky .... often there will be a base frequency to listen into which will divert you into multiple channels - they can be encrypted/non encrypted. To decode the digital voice to analogue voice extra programs and dirvertion of the PC's audio using virtual audio cables...

They videos above are great walkthroughs....


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Start SwingGui from WebGui