Robyn Inmoov Vlog 3

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Ray.Edgley's picture

Intel NUC

Hello Markus,

What were the specs of the NUC that you are using for this project?
Where did you get it from for anyone else who wants to copy what your doing?
What kind of cost was the NUC?

I too have been looking at putting a more powerful computer on to my robot, but was looking at a different SBC aimed more at developers, it would be interesting to compare the two.

Looking forward to see how you mount it.

You can never have too much processing power, I would still use the tablet as well.
MRL is getting better with communications between MRL units.
Both grog and Kyle have blogs on MQTT

kyle.clinton's picture

NUC so far?


How is the NUC treating you? Are you using Windows still on it? I started looking at putting Linux on it, if I get one. Are you doing any deep learning on it? Ine final question i see that you can get them bare bones or loaded. Do you feel like you saved a significant amount buying components separately?

I can't wait to see your follow ups on this hardware.


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tablet is night for screen touch ... nuc is better for video processing ..  more options ... more fun !