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Ahahah .. your getting very

Ahahah .. your getting very good at integrating mp3s & Speech .. very nice :)

The MouthControl service has always seemed a bit "off" in places .. I have meant to look at this for ages, but still have not got around to it ..   After working with it for so long can you describe when it lags?  Or other possible areas of improvement ?  Is it consistent with its problems?  Consistent problems are easy to solve .. inconsistent problems are usually much more challenging...

More gestures !   What about lights to indicate mood / suspense ?  Glowing eyes when the wolf speaks ? Just some ideas .. Great Job !

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Thanks!As i understand it


As i understand it the mouth is moving according to the text of the title on the mp3 file

and not to the sound in the mp3 file.

there is nothing that senses how long the file are.

so if i'm using a slow voice like WillBaGuy the mouth will move faster than the mp3 speaks it 

sense the mouth moves in the same speed independent from the sound of the mp3

is there any sound analyzing tools in MRL ?

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Your right .. it does move

Your right .. it does move based on incoming text and not sound generated - and that is certainly the biggest "flaw" - a huge amount of things can affect that - not only speed of the mp3 file - but if the file is not cached yet is probably even a bigger noticable difference.

It's coming .. I talked about this to kwatters today in the shoutbox - A great library has that capability - but its not yet borged in..