Rob is really pulling himself together!


Im so proud Rob is really pulling Himself together. Thought my servos would be here yesterday but no such luck. I am starting to get paranoid about my Kinect now with all the problems Grog is having. I think I may just purchase brand new in the box to forgo any problems.

I am going to show my printer some calibration love now before I move on to the shoulders. I'm pretty well dialed in but want to make double sure. 

I came across an example from Biotronic Exoskeletons the other day that gives me some great design ideas for all the 12v linear actuators i have laying around in my garage, but I have to have an upper body to carry around on legs first so I better get busy. 

Inmoov Nation is alive and well in the states.

Dwayne (dwilli9013)

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Its a race!

Well you seem to be ahead of my unyet named InMoov. You have the entire head assembled whereas I only have the eyes, nose, and chin parts on the face.  I do have my Kinect installed with one of the UnderKinect parts installed. Both warped during printing and I would have to force the second one in. I have built the entire right hand but I'm still printing the shoulder joint and bicep.

Must be nice to have a bunch of 12v linear actuators "lying around" the garage.  :)

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One Nation Indivisible The Inmoov Nation

Ah no race here, besides you'll blow past me when it comes time for me to start moving everything around.

Ordered my Kinect yesterday and my 2 805's for the head arrived today. I need to get Rob on a post now. 

The linear actuators are nice A buddy of mine gave them to me from his work. They were throwing them out.

Brand new still in the box. It's very rare that I luck out like that. 

So is your camera working out well? I still need to buy them but am not certain what to get yet.

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We'll see

Well I've had electronics and motors for a good while but I haven't actaully tried making anything other than the hand move.

The HD-6000 does fit in the head but I needed to file off a good amount of plastic from the back of the eye opening. I also had to take off (probably permanently) the clip base from the camera so if I ever want to use it on something else again I'll have to design and 3d print something. I simply stuck it to the mounting plate with a 3M command strip.  If I had ripped off the back plate of the housing I probably would have picked up a couple mm of space but under it is a heatsink and I wasn't really keen on attaching the camera by the heatsink.  I could probably pull the mounting piece into OpenSCAD and cut out a square hole to fit the camera in and even add a small floor plate to snap the remains of the clip into.

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I love the random blue piece in the base of the neck.  On mine that part is red simply because I was too lazy to change filament and wanted to print something for InMoov.