Hi (kwatters maybe?)

Tried to find a web based IDE and found Codenvy. Pointed it to the program_ab github repository and tried to run it. First got an "unknown config notice" and when trying to run it it complains about 

programab_unpack/package.json: no such file or directory

Could somebody point me to (or create) a howto?

Having a web based IDE would greatly help me as I work with different machines all the time and can not always connect to my main PC.

Regards, Juerg


8 years 5 months ago

Hi Juerg,  I usually use eclipse to do java development. I have no idea about that error message, but I know that you can pull ProgramAB into eclipse and it works without too much effort.  Software development can be very cpu intensive.  If you really just want a machine in the cloud , I'd recommend launching a server on amazon and log in remotely to it.  (Or some other cloud provider)

That being said,   I'm happy you're interested in ProgramAB.  I actually forked that project on GitHub .  I have a few minor fixes for issues that Mastablasta had come across.


It's designed to be built with maven.  Maybe you can try to import that project, it's set up to build with the java build tool  "maven"   , so maybe it's more compatabile with that web based browser.

If that web browser based IDE works with "maven"  it might work with my version of the project.  


Good luck!  

P.S.  What do you want to do with ProgramAB ?  Have you seen the OOB support for MyRobotLab that I've added?




8 years 5 months ago

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Hi kwatters

thanks for your answer. I just saw a few examples here how the interface for mrl will look like and thought I might give it a try.

I have a long programming background but not with java and github, I am a scripting and SQL guy.

Wanted to give it a try with eclipse now. So I switched to the Git Repositories tab and pressed "clone a GitRepository and add it to this view". I entered the URI and defined my local target folder.

I switched to the Java view, select import and point it to my local folder.

Pressing the run button opens a selection list, I selected Maven build and entered Test as goal. It starts compiling but tells me:

 No compiler is provided in this environment. Perhaps you are running on a JRE rather than a JDK?

I do not know whether it makes sense to follow this path - if you do not stop me I will try the JDK install then.
thanks, Juerg

Hi Juerg,

  you will need the JDK,  that is the java development kit.  It includes the java compiler.  "javac"  

make sure you install the 64 bit one!  

That being said, if you build program ab, you should get an Ab.jar ..  you can follow  the example of how I created a chat bot in the MyRobotLab ProgramAB service.   (I have already done all the work there to integrate programab into MyRobotLab..  )

But if you still want to run it from the program ab project, you can,  in the default package there is a "Main.java"   you should be able to run that.  the console will take stdin as your input text, it will use stdout to display the response.

This also assumes that you have the aiml file in the proper place.   Again,  I'd recommend just looking at the ProgramAB server that is already in MRL.  

Good luck!


sorry, kwatters, I might be a bit slow ..

so found the service and gave it a try. I somehow misunderstood what program ab is about. I thought it is the new angular/web based gui of mrl - but it looks like it's the speech part of it.

As I am living in Switzerland and not all are good enough in english to be able to follow the speeches of my InMoov I tried to switch the language. Got some spanish out of it but no german. Will selecting a language be a part of a future release or not very high up on your todo list?

Tried German with Sphinx but never succeeded. Language setting have been ignored and german text has been pronounced by an english voice - not really giving an acceptable result.

will watch the progress ..

Thanks, Jürg