I have a problem when I try to install inmoov. when installing the download new compnent window stops at attempting to retrieve opencv info


checking for latest version of log4j
attempting to retrieve log4j info
log4j is installed
checking for latest version of xml
attempting to retrieve xml info
xml is installed
checking for latest version of freetts
attempting to retrieve freetts info
freetts is installed
checking for latest version of httpclient
attempting to retrieve httpclient info
httpclient is installed
checking for latest version of recognition
attempting to retrieve recognition info
recognition is installed
checking for latest version of javacv
attempting to retrieve javacv info
javacv is installed
checking for latest version of opencv
attempting to retrieve opencv info
Thanx in advance.

Thank you for your reply.

I have read the thread and I have turned off the firewall and my anti-virus, but nothing have changed. I also tried downloading different versions of mrl but I get the same problem.

I was wondering if I should install opencv before starting mrl.

My guess is tha tthe the firewall is still not disabled.

If you manually install opencv you must match the version of opencv down to the minor number, and make sure all the filenames are what JavaCV expects.

- the download process is trying to get them from here - https://code.google.com/p/myrobotlab/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2Fmyrobotlab%2FthirdParty%2Frepo%2Fnet.sourceforge.opencv%2Fopencv%2F2.4.3

at this location you have to figure out what operating system you are using .. for example if you are using windows 64 - these are the dlls which need to be downloaded - https://code.google.com/p/myrobotlab/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2Fmyrobotlab%2FthirdParty%2Frepo%2Fnet.sourceforge.opencv%2Fopencv%2F2.4.3%2Fx86.64.windows

and put in  <mrl unzip directory>/libraries/native/x86.64.windows

Ya, it looks like your firewall is off, but

it might be not just firewall but anti-virus ..  some anti-virus software won't allow new .dlls to be put on the filesystem by "unknown" programs

3 possible resolutions

1. turn off anti-virus or any software which migh be preventing new .dlls to be downloaded

2. download it manually, It looks like by your no-worky report - you have a x86 32bit windows system.
The appropriate dlls are here https://code.google.com/p/myrobotlab/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2Fmyrobotlab%2FthirdParty%2Frepo%2Fnet.sourceforge.opencv%2Fopencv%2F2.4.3%2Fx86.32.windows

or 3.  build opencv 2.4.3 and place and rename the dlls appropriately for your system

Good Luck ! :)

Hi GroG,

I finally succeeded in installing everything.
1. I turned firewall and antivirus off.
2. I ended dllhost, java, rundll32 in task manager
3. I changed my network
and then tried installing inmoov and finally it is a success. I don't know what realy solved the problem though.
Thanks for your help.


10 years ago

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I'm glad you got it working.  We're always interested in new projects - please post when you can on your development!



9 years 11 months ago

Tive esse mesmo problema na empresa que trabalho para instala o OpenCV, isso acontece porque o MyRobotLab não consegue sair para internet com um Firewall com autenticação.



Eu tinho uma máquina que passa por fora do firewall ai instalei o MyRobotLab nele e instalei o OpenCV e depois copiei o diretório do MyRobotLab para o computador que é barrado no firewall e agora estou com o MyRobotLab funcionando nos dois computadores e com o OpenCV perfeito.



Criar a possibilidade de configurar o proxy com autenticação no MyRobotLab.