problem connecting Arduino and myrobotlab

Hello, I'm from France, I have a problem, my arduino card is not recognized by myrobotlab? The card was recognized one time and I put the script # file: and since my card is not recognized and does not work, and I can not put the python script, waiting for a help, thank you

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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome Revesecret.

Please send a "no worky" - it sends information to us about the problem.

Always send a "no worky" when you have problem.  Here is how

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I'm guessing by the timing ..

I'm guessing by the timing .. you sent a no worky - but you sent it with user name "gui 1.0.32" ?

I see 2 com port com 3 & com 6 - it looks like your trying to connect to com 6 - but there is no response from the Arduino..

Step 1 - Make sure you upload through the "real" Arduino IDE !!! to the board !!!

Copy the MRLComm.ino to the "real" Arduino and upload - here is a video on the details



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yes the com port on my

yes the com port on my arduino is 6, the script is in arduino but no change

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did you send another no worky

did you send another no worky ?

also did you test with Arduino Blink program ? - does that work ?

First step is to determine if its a Hardware or a Software issue...

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arduino my card working

arduino my card working properly because I use it for other function.
it must be a software problem with myrobotlab

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Do a screen capture of the whole process and post a link ..   
Including copy / paste -> upload in Arduino IDE

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ok, but it is possible to

ok, but it is possible to post screenshots on myrobotlab site?

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(No subject)

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Salut Revesecret, La

Salut Revesecret, La troisième capture d'écran que tu as posté indique que la carte arduino est reconnue et connectée correctement . Donc L'arduino est fonctionnelle et contient bien le sketch MRLComm.INO .

La capture N°4 indique que le service Inmoov n'a pas d'attribut " attachArduino " .

Pour la dernière capture, je ne sais pas .

Quand tu utilise des script Python, pense bien a les modifiers avec tes paramettres ( port COM arduino, type de carte, etc ... )



Hi, Revesecret, The third screenshot you posted show that the arduino board is well found and connected . So the arduino board is working and the skecth MRLComm.IMO is correctly uploaded .

The screenshot N°4 say that the Inmoov service didn't have and attribut named " attachArduino " .

For the last , i don't know.

When you use a Phyton script, think to change the parametters ( arduino COM port, Arduino board, etc ... )


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bonjour beetlejuice ,

bonjour beetlejuice , d'accord merci pour les infos , je sais maintenant que la carte réussi parfois à se connecté :) , donc à priori ce son des paramètres qui son à placer correctement , merci

(beetlejuice hello, okay thank you for the info, I now know that sometimes managed to get connected :), so a priori that the parameters that sound correctly place card, thank you)

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I just saw my arduino

I just saw my arduino disconnects when I run the servo tab, I must disconnect and reconnect the usb arduino to be able to reconnect, but the servo is not controllable

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please help me

What is the solution to this problem, I have them as well ... my arduino is not recognized by myrobotlab....did not get response from arduino

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What is the solution?

What is the solution to this problem, (..did not get response from arduino)  

Knowing that i choose Arduino Mega and the correct port and when I make a connection this connection succeeds, but when I upload the Python code, the connection stops and gives me this message (..did not get response from arduino)  and Knowing that i write arduino.connect("COM6") in the beginning of the python code .