Hello Everyone,

Kind of new at this even though I made my account a while ago.

I wanted to know if anyone has tried the new ODROID-C2 and if they where able to get myrobotlab working on it? I believe the OS is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on kernel 3.14


I would also like to have a 1T SSD hard drive but they all seem to be running at 6GB/s and the only USB 3 port on the Odroid-C2 that might handle that would be the OTG port. But I don't know if anyone has ever tried connecting  1T SSD hard drive to a OTG port and had it work correctly.

The reason for the SSD hard drive is I want to put it into a Inmoov robot and I'm sure that a regular Sata drive would get damaged in no time.

I want to do object recognition like my friend Le Trung did to his robot Aiko back in 2009, but don't know if I can do it with MRL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5GoLMA_cyg

Any help would be great. Thank you, Kenn


5 years 4 months ago

Once I tried with Odroid 3 and Greg helped me to install MyRobotLab on it.. however I never had positive experience with it. always created problems and I switched to Raspberyy Pi3.. good luck with you..

Thank you borsaci06, for the reply. I guess it depends on the OS because I have MRL working on a Jetway Mini-ITX mother board with Linux Mint 17. Problem is the Mini-ITX board takes a ATX power supply, plus it's way to big for the back of the Inmoov robot. However it would work to developi8ng the routines and the transfering the project to the new board.


5 years 4 months ago

mrl is written in java and you can use python scripts to command the robot. both are mostly hardware and os independent.

I used an odroid xu4 with ubuntu and it works fine for basic stuff. video fps however are a weak point and power consumption will empty out a battery rather soon if your robot is mobile.

I am currently on a windows 10 netbook that is power optimized and comes with its own battery.

Thank you juerg for your reply. Yes I can see were those issues would be a problem. I see that they have updated the video out to HDMI2.0 and there is now a camera input for USB 720p for the Odroid C2. Also they now have a option to run the Odroid C2 at 2 amps instead of 4 amp, all though I don't know how well it will run at 2 amps.

I stopped using Windows after XP because I prefer to choose which info I want to put out and not have thing loaded to some cloud were others can sell it or release it at will. Not saying Windows is bad it's just a issue I have with them.

How to power my robot. I plan on building DIY Supper Capacitors designed by Robert Murray Smith. If he can build a supper cap for a scooter that lates days then why can't one be made for a robot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P266pdT71tI