I just got MyRobotLab working with my Uno on Win10 x64 but it seems I may have burnt up my servos with too much voltage.

Can I get an idea of the servos being used for the arms and then elsewhere?  In older posts I've seen 2-3 servos listed and I have MG945R servos but they seem cheap.  If amyone can suggest a good servo i would appreciate it.


7 years 7 months ago

Are you saying you can not order hs805´s at the moment?

Selecting other servos most certainly will not fit the printed parts as - at least to what I saw so far - every servo has slightly different sizes


In december, I looked on Amazon and the Smakn MG946R servos I am using costs ~$12 each and besides me screwing up and burned 2 up, they seem cheap - http://www.amazon.com/SMAKN%C2%AE-MG946R-Torque-Digital-Helicopter/dp/B00H9624RA   

A friend of mine flys RC planes and brought over some spare servos and everyone of these servos did not fit - either too big or to small.  I am looking for a better servo in the $20-30 range and a Hitec HS805 at $80+ is out of my price range - http://www.amazon.com/Hitec-31805S-HS-805BB-Giant-Scale/dp/B0006O3X2M

I was hoping to get the opion from people using various servos that were failrly inexpensive and do not sound like a dragon clearing his throat.  I know there is going to be some noise but the MG946R is awful.



7 years 7 months ago

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the hs-805 are a bit hard to find these day but at 80$ they are very overprice, you can find them at around 30$ at hobbyking, but they are out of stock

Look at the spec of the hs-805 to find similar spec servo, that will work, but you may need to adapt the servo holder to have them fit

The MG946 are not strong enough for the arm, but they may be use for the finger if they are not too big



7 years 7 months ago

I have replaced one of the omoplate 805 servos and created parts to fit them


I have also tried to make other InMoov parts fit with other servo dimensions. I think Gael has added them into the list of alternate parts, otherwise look for it on thingiverse.

You would need to install OpenScad, set the dimension values to your servos measures in the scripit and recreate the STL for that.

Of course you will need to reprint and assemble the parts again.

The Turnigy MG959 so far has survived all movements with it.


Thanks for the info, I did not think that a smaller servo would last compared to a larger one.  Making a servo bed to gap the sixze difference is a great idea.  Looked at thingverse last night and hope to get some other servos soon.