MyRobotLab HowTo Download & Install Tutorial

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Brilliant MaVo ... really

Brilliant MaVo ... really great job..
I was humorous & educational at the same time :D  and sooo apropos with MRL talking the whole time...

Soon there be quesitons and answers with ProgramAB explaining how to do things in MRL.

Awesome !!!

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We should catagorize learning

We should catagorize learning tutorials so a link will pull them all up .. I did this before with Service Pages .. its a Drupal thing - but a link form the top menu to all these great videos would be extremely helpful for people

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Thanks & Yep Don't think I

Thanks & Yep

Don't think I selected "Autopost on" when publishing, hmmm : )

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No autopost - I did that,

No autopost - I did that, changed the author to you, as its a blog with no content, except the real content of the video.  Wanted to keep your & kwatters earlier video together as a place holder until I figure out how to create Drupal "types" again.

Hope that is ok...

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Sorry, I already got that -

Sorry, I already got that - thanks for putting it up - seems like I can't joke in English

(no drupal help from me either)

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great tutorial MaVo! I have

great tutorial MaVo!

I have add it to the InMoov website in the section "How to Start MyRobotLab"

It will help a lot and save recurrent questions.