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Hi All,

I am currently teaching Python and C++ using Raspberry Pi and Arduino connected to a class of middle school students.  I put together a Robotic Telepresence that all the students are building.  We are running Python on the Raspberry Pi and C++ on Arduino via the Arduino IDE.  Seems like myrobotlab is a perfect fit our project.  The students will be accessing the robot via SSH -X to their local desktop.  Any suggestions on how best to configure everything would be helpful.   Anyway, your environment looks great to help us expand what we are doing.  Scott

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Hello Scott and Welcome !

Sounds great !

MyRobotLab (MRL) currently offers 2 language IDEs (Python and thanks to raver1975 it now has a Java IDE too).   Within these you can type code in and have it immediately execute against a running system.

To help you  better I would need to know more about your system and goals.
RasPi + Arduino is a great start .

MRL is a Java application framework - so if you have Java on the RasPi you can run MRL there too.  I do this "headless - no X windows" to conserve resources on the RasPi.

This is an example of an Arduino + RasPi running headless - and another PC connecting remotely over the network to read Oscope traces from "sensors"

So a student with access to a PC could start MRL ------> Connect to the running instance of MRL + Arduino on the RasPi and execute code, view traces, and change pin values of the Arduino remotely.  

Computationally intense programs can be executed on the PC and controllling messages or sensor data can go to and from the PC 

I'm suggesting such a setup because I don't know what the Ardunio is connected to, or if your interested in using a webcam or mobile platform...  all of which could be done if you have the hardware.  But, if you only have a RasPi & Arduino, I think what I described might be a good testbed for distributed robotics.  ie.  how a PC & RasPi can work together providing pieces of a larger system.

Just some suggestions - let me know if I'm going in the wrong direction :)




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Thanks for the reply

Hi Greg,

Nice to meet you.  

Basically the system is divided into two parts:

Robot = Raspberry Pi + Arduino + Web Cam + sensors + Wi/Fi + motors

Control = PC + Wi/Fi

With the Raspberry Pi being on the Robot it gives the robot enough processing power to process images from the web cam, communicate serially over USB to Arduino and then Arduino can control motors + Sensors and communicate back to the Rpi Status and get more commands.

The PC receives the Camera images back to the controller.  The students can build more autonomous capability into the robot by upgrading the software inside the Rpi to do mapping, navagation, facial reconigition.  Recording images based on sensor data.  Listen for sounds etc.

In the fall I hope to have my 3D printer up and running so I can be building parts to add on the the robots.


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Wow you got a great setup !

Do you have pictures?  1 picture = 1000 words :D

What sensors do you currently have ?

Do you have a Challenge in mind for the kids to accomplish ?   This is very helpful for narrowing down the what needs to be done.   There's a bazillion things it could do and you could add a bazillion more things.  But what do you want it to do which it is not doing now ?

MRL is a framework of blocks - you can build a lot of things with blocks ... what do you want to build ! :)

P.S. change your Avatar .. you are bold robot builder .. not scared gopher ! :D