my head robot in cardboard

hi guy's

it s a long time i don't came here it's because i build my robot

like i haven't a 3d printer i build all in cardboard

so i need a lot of time for cut piece by pieces

si now my head is finish with servo motor

i try now the programmation

so i was use myrobotlab for my head work

i looking for some french that can help me

you can see more about me her:

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Hi Ambroise ! Nice to see you

Hi Ambroise !

Nice to see you back,  I like your robot head, it has a very "alien" look to it.
Amazing what you did with cardboard !!!

I don't speak French but I do know how to use Google Translate :)
If you want to try a question let me know.

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I see a new head? With the

I see a new head? With the cameras in the eyes, cool! And servos attached, time for action!

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thank you gael i hope i can

thank you gael i hope i can find now some help for programme my head

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This reminds me of classic models in stop motion and automatons, meeting with the new robot tech of today. Really cool stuff man!

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Outstanding Work

Hello Ambroise!

Oustanding work. Amazing that is all done in cardboard. It really proves that the Inmoov Nation really does have a desire to exist. I look forward to seeing more as you progress. 

Dwayne (Dwilli9013)

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hello Dwayne now i have my

hello Dwayne

now i have my head i hope every body can help me for my head speak

i find a tuto for i need to understand how work it

i need try myrobotlab 

thank you for your message