MRLComm 38 not MRLComm 55 expected ?? Do I need a specific MRLComm for MRL-1943?

Hi Greg and everybody

I  have now installed MRL 1.0.1943 and I now have voice responses working !! My microphone finally working and chrome pages looking really good. MarySpeech talking back and answering away, telling me the time etc .

I had several incorrect settings on my computer, have now correctly updated to 64-bit Chrome and 64-bit Java and checked bat file and script file paths etc. 

However I am getting a message saying MRLComm 38 not MRLComm 55 expected shown in mrl gui. Is there a correct MRLComm I should be using? Cannot connect to my arduinos at present.

I am using the MRLComm from Kracken 1723 downloaded from inmoov site.

Any help most apprecaited

kind regrds



Sorry, posted this as areply earlier rather than new topic


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Use the version of mrlcomm that comes with the release

Ahoy lorn! Glad to hear you're making progress. It seems like your Arduinos have an old version of mrlcomm on them.

Make sure when you switch to a new version of MyRobotLab that you upload the version of mrlcomm that came with the version that you are using.

Also, one hint, use arduino ide 1.6.x.

This will fix that error for you.

Good luck!

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mrl 1943 MRLComm arduino compile errors

Hi Kwatters
Thanks for your help on this. I had not realsied that the MRLComm were in the resources folder.   Just tried compling the version that comes with mrl-1943 and I get compile errors, see below.
tried the mrl-1941 version and that complies and loads OK.   Have tried using both arduino IDE 1.6.xx and also the latest 1.8.1 with same results.  
kind regards
Arduino: 1.8.1 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)"
Msg.cpp:211: error: prototype for 'void Msg::publishServoEvent(byte, byte, int, int)' does not match any in class 'Msg'
 void Msg::publishServoEvent( byte deviceId,  byte eventType,  int currentPos,  int targetPos) {
In file included from sketch\Msg.cpp:30:0:
Msg.h:110: error: candidate is: void Msg::publishServoEvent(byte, byte, byte, byte)
  void publishServoEvent( byte deviceId,  byte eventType,  byte currentPos,  byte targetPos);
exit status 1
prototype for 'void Msg::publishServoEvent(byte, byte, int, int)' does not match any in class 'Msg'
This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.
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I believe you need to use 1.6.9 through 1.6.12

Arduino 1.8 will not work.

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Success getting my InMoov to work with voice commands!

Hi Kwatters nad everyone

I will try that shortly, using arduino 1.6.9 through 1.6.12 for the mrl-1941 mrlcomm

Good news is that I have finally my InMoov to respond to voice commands !!   This using mrl-1943 but with the mrlcomm from mrl-1941.     "Giving, Relax, Davinci, close your right hand" all work. Wow.   

Using mrl-1941 I got very weird results with random movements. 

thanks again


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hi I just notice some error

hi I just notice some error was made when I merge one of the MRLComm file in version 1942/1943. Please try again with 1944.

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Using mrl 1944

Hi Calamity

Just been trying mrl 1944 and getting errors

ii01.right : Arduino->MRL error - bad magic number 242 - 4 rx errors

The MRLComm complied OK with IDE 1.8

Initially I uploaded using Arduino IDE 1.8 version and got the left arduino to respond to manual slider commands but no voice control   I get "I have no answer for that".  I have just now installed the older arduino IDE 1.6.12 and again can compile and upload but now get no responce from the arduinos

Any ideas? 

kind regards