MRL import MAVEN query

Hi All, 

I'm on the way to discover more of MRL so I'm following the developer steps at this site -
and I was stuck at the import maven step (below screenshot), 
For the Root directory: C:\mrl\eclipse\mrl\myrobotlab
I dont have this path!   ...., on the above steps , my workspace is C:\mrl2\myrobotlab
so I'm confused at where the /pom.xml is....., and how to choose it for this step, 
Please advise, 
Thank you, 
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The path would be wherever

The path would be wherever you cloned the repo ...

1. mkdir myproject
2. cd myproject
3. git clone 
4. then you'd import wherever you created myproject/myrobotlab/pom.xml into eclipse
    you can find out where this is by typing pwd

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in Linux?

So does that mean I need to do all of this in Linux Ubuntu or something?


I thought mkdir is a linux command, please advise, 

thank you

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nope mkdir works on Windows

nope mkdir works on Windows MacOS & Linux
it's "make a directory"
The challenge you seem to be having is where you put stuff