MRL Error beim InMoov

I have a problem with my inmoov. When I start the program myrobotlab and he wants to activate the head, only the error messages come up. mrlcom.ino is loaded on the two arduino mega .java version is 8.231 ,win10 64Bit system. I have already sent no worky to this page
can someone tell me where the error is
thanks nopy

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Hello nopy, I can see a

Hello nopy,
I can see a single arduino attach

i01.right info i01.right.serial connected on COM3 responded version 57 ... goodtimes...

What happens when you test a single servo in myrobotlab ?
Do you have enough power for the Arduino ?

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Power supply

What Power supply are you using?
What voltage and Amp capacity?
Are you using the Nervo boards?
When you programmed the MRLcomm.ino to the Arduino, what port was it on at that time?
Do any of the servos move at all when you start your script even a very small jerk?

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Problem solved

Thanks for the answers. I took a new laptop with a win10 64 bit system and connected the arduinos to a usb 3.1 with a hub and now it works. Maybe something was wrong with the usb connections. But the laptop was already older. Strange them Thing

thanks nopy