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tried to make things run but do not understand how I can add another voice than "cmu-slt-hsmm" available. Trying to select "dfki-pavoque-neutral" as voice throws the exception "no such voice"

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hi ! I use HSMM ones  :

hi ! I use HSMM ones  : exemple dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm

You can download manualy the voice or automatic ( dont forget to restart mrl after download )

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Hi moz4r huu huu a lot of

Hi moz4r

huu huu a lot of function stuff and I am rather lost in what is going on in your code

where ist "MyvoiceType" coming from and what is its value?

you state in the code that "checkAndDownloadVoice" does not work in linux and I am on ubuntu.

so downloading marytts manually you say that I only need to copy the voice-dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm-5.2.jar file into my <mrl>/libraries/jar/ folder?

and does the jar need to have exactly this name or without -5.2?

and it works with the hsmm version of the voice only?

it has also xml files in the <mrl>/mary/installed/ folder, do I need something there for the pavoque voice?




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you right , just push

you right , just push voice-dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm-5.2.jar into jar folder ( without change the name of ).

Then mouth.setVoice(dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm)

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something missingI went to

something missing

I went to the web site of marytts. I downloaded "Runtime Package 5.2"

Then I started a command window and cd'd to the download folder ../marytts-5.2/bin, run marytts-component-installer and selected the dfki-pavoque-natural-hsmm package for installing

This added the "voice-dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm-5.2.jar" into "..Downloads/marytts-5.2/lib/" folder

I then copied this jar into "../mrl/libraries/jar/" folder and run the following commands in MRL's pyton service:
i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")
i01.mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("i01.mouth","MarySpeech")
voiceType = "dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm"

This raises an  illegalArgumentException: No such voice: dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm

I have tried this now on a windows box also and I get the same error.

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I just tested your script

I just tested your script inside mrl 1995, it worky with this voice, what is your mrl version ?

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finally succeeded

was able to make it work on my windows box by restarting mrl.

still had problems with my linux install and downloaded and installed the latest MRL version 1995

copied the jar into libraries/jar folder and also the file  voice-dfki-pavoque-neutral-hsmm-5.2-component.xml into the folder ../mrl/mary/insatlled

NOW it talkes German - thanks for being with me!!

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Glückwunsch mein Freund

Glückwunsch mein Freund