MarySpeech question

I am having trouble changing the voice in MarySpeech on Azul. It used to work, but I deleted the MRL directory and started fresh when I changed to Manticore 1.0.2693.

I downloaded the languages again and the voices as described in Then moved the files to C;\MRL\MarySpeedh\marytts-5.2\lib. and changed the line in “service_5_Mouth.config” VoiceName=cmu-bdl-hsmm to VoiceName=cmu-slt-hsmm. But the voice never changes.

I must not be moving the downloaded files to the right folder…

What is the right folder the files should be in?  Or what am I missing?



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figured it out

have different voices working, just wrong folder

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Nice ! 

Nice !

Are you using Nixie's MarySpeech ?