Localhost refused to connect


I have just started to try to use MyRobotLab/Inmoov for the first time.  I am using a MacBook Air running macOS Mohave 10.14.2.  I have recently downloaded an up-to-date version of Java and have Chrome as my default browser.

I can start MyRobotLab by double clicking on myrobotlab.jar and it seems to open fine - I have installed all the runtime services.

However, when I run the start_inmoov.sh shell I get a number of errors before java crashes.  The first of which is that when a Chrome window tries to open with the address:


I get the error:

Localhost refused to connect

As you can probbaly tell from the above my programming skills are fairly basic/rusty but I am willing to learn!

Any help would be appreciated.


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WebGui service starts the web gui.

Hi Chris,

  To use the web based interface for MRL you need to start the WebGui service.  The web gui is an AngularJS based application that listens by default on port 8888.  normally just http://localhost:8888 will get you there.

The url you pasted above is trying to directly get to a service called  "i01.ear".  This is the webkit speech recognition service associated with the InMoov default scripts. 

  If you had some errors in loading the inmoov scripts, it's possible the scripts didn't get far enough to launch the webgui or the speech recognition service.  

  I'd recommend sending a "no worky" so we could have a look at the log files.  By default MyRobotLab will log into the   myrobotlab.log file.  You will likely see additional details and error messages in there.

  I haven't personally tested MRL on a Mac, but it's been reported that it works just fine.

Good luck!


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localhost connection error


Thanks, I have sent a "no worky" although I am not sure whether the log file only has details on when it finally crashes.

Typing http://localhost:8888 and http://localhost into the Chrome browser address line both give the same error message so it may be something fairly fundamental with my set up.

Thanks for your help.