LeapMotion hand positon / translation

Well.. I started testing the leap motion locally. I found that the leap motion, sitting on my desk can measure a lot of things about the orientation of my hand in front of my body.  It recognizes both left and right hand postion, orientation and finger direction as compared to the palm...

Initially, I am interested in tracking the position of the hand in the frame so I want to start getting a sense of the x,y,z  range reading.  

I see that the x,y,z values range between

below is the range of values that I generally see when moving about x,y,z below 

x = [ -250 to 250 ]

y = [ 500 to 75 ] 

z = [  400 to -90] 


I had the leap motion sitting in front of me on the desk, 

"X" axis is the left/right movement

"Y" axis is moving my hand up and down

"Z" axis is moving my hand forward & backward...



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Very cool - so "big pictures"

Very cool - so "big pictures" - is a smallish area (sensor range) - where you can sense position xyz of the hand - and do IK or perhaps platform movement for control ?  Is the sensor range around 2' X 2' X 2' ?