LadyBot is my robotic head which I am working for long. She has 3 microprocessors and 5 servos for the animatronic movements. One Arduino is dedicated to webcam and MyRobotlab to track faces. One for the head movements. Now I added voice recogrition and interaction via bluetooth. She responds with some predetermined sentences on a MP3 player, command and interaction using android bluetooth app which converts text to speech and vice versa.

Lately I made another project with a nice voice synthesizer module which I got from Kickstarter (Big Buddy Talker)... I used a Nodemcu esp8266 dev module to connect to internet and grab current time data from global NTP servers and connected to BBT module to say the time verbally on demand. I will try to incorporate this to LadyBot. This will be a cool addition and nice project for the visually disabled people to hear time. A talking clock... It would be great on InMoov too, to ask him the time and he responds verbally...   :)


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Hello Borsaci ! Good to see

Hello Borsaci !
Good to see you back.

Great projects! 
Maybe you should post a link to your website since you mention it in the video.  

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