Kinect One with MRL under windows

OK guys,


This is how to use kinect one with Open NI under windows :

just download this driver :

and copy it under this directory : root:\MRL\libraries\native\OpenNI2\Drivers\


Launch the Open NI service :


Sh..t ! It works !






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Holy SH*T !   That Rocks ! ..

Holy SH*T !   That Rocks ! .. and thanks for posting !

What are your plans Bretzel_59 ?



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u rock bretzel , thank you

u rock bretzel , thank you

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tried to follow your steps,

tried to follow your steps, get: found 0 devices, Jenga software not initialized :P

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Strange, do you have

Strange, do you have installed Kinect v2 sdk ? It doesn't work with kinect 360 sdk.

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Hi, Same problem : found 0


Same problem : found 0 device... No image :-(

Question : have to make something else in mrl or just launch openni service ?

Thanks ;-)

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I've only installed kinect 2

I've only installed kinect 2 SDK and copy kinect2.dll in the OpenNi driver directory.

Are you sure your kinect is running ? (kinect recognized in computer peripherals) and working of course



I've build tonight this other driver under Visual Studio :

I think this is better than the first in my first post.I'm under windows 10, and kinect one works only under windows 8.1 and above.

I don't know what you are using so i ask ;)





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Any plans about That. Just to

@grog : Any plans about That. Just to make it work. I'm trying to focus on legs design.

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I am on w10/64 and installed

I am on w10/64 and installed SDK 2.

I only get the motor to show up in the devices list.

My cam broken? Will try to use other SW to check it.


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Hi, I'm on W8.1/32bits


I'm on W8.1/32bits (lenovo tablet 8', like Gael) on MRL 1933

Try with SDK 1.6 and 1.8...

Thanks ;-)


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I have w10/64 and a Kinect V1

I have w10/64 and a Kinect V1 device

I removed Kinect SDK 2.0 and installed Kinect SDK 1.8 and KinectDeveloperToolkit-v1.8.0 from microsoft.

Now after starting up mrl and starting the openNi service I get the Kinect data shown with "capture"

In my case it however looks like I would get only the depht information, not the image.

Starting Kinect Studio and connect it to mrl I get a colored Depht Viewer and a 3d Viewer. The 3d Viewer even allows to switch to a "Left side view" and a "top view". I think for my wheeled robot the top view would be the one to use for finding a free path to a destination point while the colored depth viewer might be best for trying to identify objects. Looks very neat indeed!

Does anyone also get an image in the color view window? Might be my cam does not work?

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Ok ! When i said Kinect one,

Ok ! When i said Kinect one, it means Kinect for Xbox one, so Kinect 2 :D

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Sorry Bretzel_59,  I don't

Sorry Bretzel_59, 
I don't understand your question?

"Do we have any plans about .... ?"

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NiTe2 with Kinect v2

Hi everyone!

My team and I have been working on InMoov for a month now and we have been experimenting with various features of MRL. I want to say, this is truly an impressive community!

Anyway, I've managed to get OpenNi service to use Kinect v2 but the skeleton doesn't show when i run startUserTracking(). I've read it is because NiTe2 doesn't support Kinect v2. Does anyone have any work around this? I've looked at KinectPV2 (works well with Kinect v2) which is written in Processing and I'm thinking of porting it over to MRL.

Thanks a bunch!


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Hello, I have succesfully


I have succesfully added Bretzel Kinect2 driver and it works in MyRobotLab. The depth image is working!

But same problem than the Orbbec Astra the skeleton is not working.

I have seen the skeleton with Kinect One working on other peoples devices though, so as Jacob says it must be an issue with Nite2 not supporting both of my sensors (Orbbec Astra and Kinect One)

That being said my third sensor, the Kinect Xbox 360 works very well, skeleton has been a bit tidious with Manticore but with the recent versions of MRL (Beta Nixie), it is doing pretty well.