Hey guys. My Jaw seems to just clench shut with this code:  Am I missing something?


i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")
i01.mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("i01.mouth", "AcapelaSpeech")
i01.mouth.speakBlocking("This is a test")


6 years 10 months ago

Hi matt, 
and Welcome ! 

Looking at your noWorky its a little difficult - I see a bajillion errors on a version which is pretty old to us.
It has no reference to "This is a test" which I would expect to find.

I would recommend the following :

Download the latest release in a NEW directory..
For example ..

Download https://github.com/MyRobotLab/myrobotlab/releases 
into c:\myrobotlab-1.0.1758

Drop to the command line :
cd c:\myrobotlab-1.0.1758
java -jar myrobotlab.jar -install

- go drink some tea or favorite beverage

when its done :
java -jar myrobotlab.jar

Start an Arduino service - upload the latest Arduino sketch so its "goodtimes"

shut everything down including any zombie java processes..
delete the myrobotlab.log in your current directory so you have a "fresh" log for a new noWorky

start myrobotlab with 
java -jar myrobotlab.jar

run your script..
send another no worky if it doesnt work.



I did not see the issue you reported in the log file sent in the noWorky, but from the symptoms I would suspect the servo is reversed.
I would get this servo under slider control and test its direction and 'real limits' then use these for your script -