Interesting Robotic Joint design

I came across this on GrabCAD and thought it may be something good to share here to help promote some joint ideas.  I have uploaded it to a workbench on my GrabCAD account as well and am in the process of tinkering around with it, as well as printing off on a 3D printer to play with.


Omnidirectional Joint

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drupp and differential

Interesting, the first stage of that gear looks a whole lot like the Drupp neck, ass be it different,..  the second stage of that design looks like a pretty typical differential gear..  neat stuff.. what are the degrees of movement.. any idea where the motors attach to drive it?

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The way the original maker

The way the original maker set it up, the 3 motors driving it are at the top of it.   If you want i can add you to my workbench on GrabCAD so you can split it apart and play around with it. And download in whatever file format you want.