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Hello again! I'm using the manticore version and I don't know how to make the inmoov talk physically(synchronized speech with mouth movement). I can talk to MarrySpeech via python in MRL. Are there any resources on this? The only video I could find:
(Version is different)
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Hello Aloyos, I believe you

Hello Aloyos,
I believe you attach mary to the mouth control service.

In Python it should look something like this as an example:

mouth = Runtime.start('mouth', 'MarySpeech')
mouth_control = Runtime.start('mouth_control', 'MouthControl')

mouth.speak('is my jaw moving?')


hope this helps...

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I guess I didn't do that

I guess I didn't do what you said (attach mary to the mouth control service). How can I do that? When I write this code to the console, there is no physical movement

if the following in the config file "Speechengine=MarySpeech"I did
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Hello,Did you activate the


Did you activate the head in the configs? Also make sure to select LeftSide or Full in the main configs.

Normally once the head is activated, it also controls the jaw movements automatically with mouthControl according to speech.

You can tweak to adjust the jaw movements to fit correctly the speech via these config settings:




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Thanks for your help, I

Thanks for your help, I noticed that the speakers are broken, I will buy a new one.
As a final question, I'm using different pins than the pin on "Default Hardware MAP". Because I am using Arduino uno. Do I need to change this from anywhere or is it enough if I set it from within the program?
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If you need to change pins,

If you need to change pins, you should modify that in the config files in the advanced configuration settings.

eg for the skeleton_head.config: