Inmoov messenger

Little update of the bot, this is inmoov ( and friends ) messenger .  Sorry for translation quality of messenger AIML. You can mod it .



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Hello!!! how you do that? new MRL? is it a oob tag? can u share the script :)

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HI ! I use 1412 MRL .  it's

HI ! I use 1412 MRL .  it's OOB -> PHP -> MYSQL

You can find RachelBot sources

Or a ready to start package ( extract to exemple c:\mrl and click start the robot.bat )  :

( french AIML set in the package, you can replace them by english aiml set from sources )


You can work on it if you want ! we are 2 working on french aiml but i looking translators


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Great Video Moz4r !  I have

Great Video Moz4r ! 

I have  to say I did not understand the details of the messages, but I understand the concept.

I'm very interested in developing a shared global resources for robots, but at the moment, we have done a lot of refactoring which we need to finish.

Very cool to see your work :)