InMoov don't recognize voice

hi at all,
it always worked well but now....
why myrobotlab (manticore) now don't recognize the voice accross the microphone?
The "Status" in google chrome blink very fast from "ready" and "click on the microphone..." and the "recognition results" is empty...
After any time appear this error in myrobotlab:
"WebkitSpeech: TOO MANY EVENTS, autoListen disabled now, please close zombie tabs!"

I've changed microphone, reinstalled chrome, the connection is ok

here the video:

please, help me

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Hi ! You can try to disable

Hi ! You can try to disable autoListen ( from ear GUI or command line ) , check also your firewall ( disable it to test ) . Check also if recognition worky inside simple webpage, outside mrl.

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web recognition


this is the web recognition outside mrl, don't work :(

why? it always worked well !!

via chatbot the gesture work fine

help :((

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Oh somethng changed inside

Oh somethng changed inside your OS

I had similar issue few time ago because my firewall. maybe not your issue.

what is your os ? can you try a different one to test  ?


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Send a no worky

Send a no worky ! 

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open browser tabs

Just curious..

do you have a lot of tabs open in browser windows?  Make sure you close down any old web browser tab that's opened up to the webgui..  They might be interferring with each other.

Also,  do you have any "zombie" java processes running?  If so, kill them and try again.

And as GroG points out, send a No Worky!   There is likely some clues in the myrobotlab.log file...

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If this can help other users:

The problem is "Your connection is not private", typical security certificate error of IE and Chrome.

Export the security certificate from another pc on my desk, importing it into the PC that contains error ... et voilà

Now it work .... I can continue the construction of InMoov !!!!

Thank you all, my friends


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Share the knowledge!

Hi Umberto!

  Fantastic that you've got it working.  I was wondering if you could share some of your knowedge a bit more and provide some steps for how you handled the SSL cert errors. 

Glad you've got it working!


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export/import certificate

Simple: identifies the corrupt certificate. On pc where Chrome work fine you "export" the certificate (advanced setting), then "import" on pc where Chrome have problem.

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DieffeU, How do i identifies


How do i identifies the corrupt certificate? i seem to have the exact same problem with chromium on manticore and Nixie :/

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It depends on the type of

It depends on the type of error that Chrome tells you. In my case when you write the result was: "Your connection is not private". Search the web for your error which certificate comes from.