InMoov Chatbot issues. What's odd And what might be done about it.

  So of late I have become disenchanted with having my InMoov robot  Willie ask me for information so he could send a text or place a call. It seemed to me that this might be a good thing to do if he just would do it but there were a few odd things. For one thing I had not asked him to do these things. For another after some babbleing and meaningless gibbertish he would not do so. 

  So I asked on the myrobotlab page shoutbox and as it turns out Willie's chatbot ALICE was adapted from a chatbot which was originaly created for a cell phone. The persons who edited the code apparently lacked to some degree in quality control and left in some of the original code to operate the phone. It might have been kind of a rush job.

  So now I am working on finding those lines of AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), that contain those lines so that I (the user), can delete them. The experts tell me that AILM is kind of a version of XML (extensible matkup language I think). It does not matter. I am not a codeslinger and know nothing about any markup language. 

  They tell me that All I have to do is wade through a bunch of AIML files and find the offending code. Thanks guys I know its free so customers are of no concern, but gosh!

  I also wanted to hear the female version of the voices for Willie. I got enough guidance to fine that configuration file and how it needed to change to get the girl talking. That much I knew how to do. I just commented out the male version, added an identical line below it and did a quick edit on it to use the female version. That worked. Thanks fellas (kwatters I think), need to scrool back through the shoutbox to be sure and I'm feeling lazy.

  Mary sounds perfectly awful. I will go back to her male counterpart soon.

  So for a while I will be spending some time sorting through some AIML files looking for things to delete like what ever it is that trys to dial the phone or look into my non-existant address book. Or the profanity files that looks like a nice thing to delete. maybe the inapporpriate files while I am at it.

  the PC cops may be about to take it on the chin Hmmm or not.Wonder how much text I can comment out in one fell swoop? At any rate (dx/dt), When I get it all modified I will try to make it available to the community with instructions on how and where to instal it.





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Hello, We have fixed a LOT of


We have fixed a LOT of things in the InMoov AIML files in order to have something pretty worky right out of the box. No rush. It's a work of almost 5 years involved.


I decided to keep the phone,sms,email options until we would find a way to make it work properly instead of simply throwing away these precious codes. But in the meantime some kind of an error appeared which causes the robot to read all the slashs and codes instead of doing the proper action.

Since Pandorabot hasn't fixed their website since a long time,  the action (calling, sending sms etc) would not be done. We need to create our own system. In fact with the Nixie version we might have that working.

I cross my fingers. And I agree with you this bug can be annoying.


If I recall correctly, the responsible files are:







If you fix it (not just throwing away bunch of lines) let me know and I will add it to the Manticore version.