InMoov abdomen movements explained

Getting a correct video is a nightmare with MovieMaker with a old PC running on XP.



Below is a simple sketch to explained what I am trying to get on the Mid rotation of the abdomen. The below set up works when using the servo board of a vigor 40kg from Hobbyking, but unfortunatly these boards aren't acccurate and they keep buzzing, also the servo board can't "detached" by software. Reason unkown...

I tried the bellow set up with the HS805BB servo board, but it fries something right away, I can't seem to see what is burned but the board is definitly out of use.

Of course I also tried to simply use both servos wit their respective boards with only one potentiometer, but the servos will force one another and will never set to the desired position.

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Very nice Gael

I sometimes wonder why the creator gives so much to some and so little to others, and then I met you and GroG and Ale. You share your talents with the world so freely, I hope and pray that your generosity is contagious and spreads through out the next generation. My generation is based on greed and selfishness, as were many many generations before, and has lead this world down a path I feared would destroy mankind, you give me hope. I am not at your level yet, but with your inspiration I hope to one day be at least a little closer than I am today. Every time I look at my InMoov I am ashamed, had I designed him I certainly would have never shared him with the world as you have, I do not know what motivates you, I do not know if you believe in God, but I believe you have a special place waiting for you that I can only dream of. My InMoov has brought me such joy, thank you all for what you do.


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Nice message wk ! I m happy

Nice message wk ! I m happy you are understanding and appreciating more and more the "open source way"... The more you share, the more you learn... I don't know why, but I learned this lesson of life here... Your contribute here is very important...everybody here is of very precious help !!! Of course, Greg and Gael are 2 saints :) in my opinion they are from another planet !

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A True InMoov Nation

Well written WK & Ale. I also have learned much througn the building of Rob and have watched as others learn as well. It is a gratifying experience to see others learn. Every one I have been in contact with on this site and other open source sites have truly been very astounding people. 

I agree had more of this been going on many years ago this world would be a different place.

As far as the stomach for InMoov goes I can't wait to get to printing. Outstanding artistry Gael & Greg you are both true artisans just in different mediums.

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Hey guys! This is touching my

Hey guys!

This is touching my sensible neurones. I didn't expect my video to be so full of intensity to the point it would all get you inspired.

Thank you all for your very nice and heartfull comments.

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Since wk has opened up the

Since wk has opened up the can of emotions, I want to say how much I appreciate the sharing and consideration you all have brought.  I have learned so much from all of you - not just technical knowledge, but a deeper understanding of what friends are.  Thank you !

All For One And One For All !  Hurrah !

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I must say, i got touched by

I must say, i got touched by wayne's words, and its true, i am chronic ill, and it is tough in times, but the inmoov project has given me so much joy, and something to look foreward to.

And also the bond here on MRL is great,mits really one big family, and we all respect each other.

Gael, it is something you started, and remember that you made a family of your own, all around the world and it keeps getting bigger, better, faster and stronger!


thanks  and bless you.