I'd like to see InMoov do this ;)

Jinx shouted the link ... nice they timelapsed it .. otherwise I wouldn't have had the patience...  
But can it plunge the toilet !

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GroG's picture

Dropping the other

Dropping the other screwdriver is gonna come out of his pay !

I like he just powered through the crap on the floor - when mechanical design requires less less complexity ...  Hulk Smash !

mecax's picture

I will save money to buy one haha

I will save money to buy one  haha

Mats's picture

Walking the stairs

I also like the way he just turns the body around to have the knees backward to walk the stairs. It looks so insane :-) 

Gareth's picture

Jaw drops...

Awesome ....

Makes me wonder how much is automated and what elves are tele-controlling it behind.

I just gotta love the wrist action whilst it opened the Valve... smooth no-breaky wrist style..

GroG's picture

no tele-controlling ... it

no tele-controlling ... it was a DARPA event - for all the events I've seen so far - tele-operating is explicitly not allowed...