i want to get my kinect working


i have the kinect working in the chest of Robyn Inmoov.

and i have the skeleton working in i01.OpenNi.

it's writing data to Java window in the python tab.

but i have no reaction in the servos.

Can someone help me how this should be done step by step

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Many things got borked moving

Many things got borked moving form code.google.com to github.com ..

At the moment I'm getting a video stream from kinect (Yay!) - but similar to Alessandro I'm not getting the skeleton tracking.  However there is easy clue to at least 1 reason why this no worky ...

Eclipse says :

Could not find data file ../NiTE2/s.dat

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Ok Kinect + Red Skeleton & Angles are Worky

The Skeleton needs 2 big data files from the repo (the Nite2.1.zip & Nite2.2.zip) Both of these get uncompressed into a Nite2 directory and that directory is at the same level as the libraries/native/x86.64.windows/win64 directory

I'll examine it further to see why its not currently controlling servos.

The repo and files need some fixing up, so that it will be a simple 1 clicky install ....


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Ok, I figured out what the


I figured out what the problem is.  OpenNI is going through what OpenCV did.  You are interested in the Skeleton data, but there is much more information from the kinect.  And it becomes much more of a problem synchronizing all this data if it's not sent together.

OpenNI has a big "bucket" of data now called : "OpenNIData" and within it is the frame number, the rgb image, the depth image, and the skeleton.  

The fix is pretty trivial but it will still take me a little time to make a release...

Bug found (usually the hard part) .. now just need to squash it 

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Should be fixed in 1.0.65 -

Should be fixed in 1.0.65 - posted now

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Yes yes !! this is now a

Yes yes !! this is now a worky! Thanks GroG