how do I use rest api in MRL?

I am trying to use the rest api to move servos or have the robot say something.

Found some examples but failing now to make it work.

e.g. having a tab in MRL named "i01.leftArm.bicep" what url will move it to 20 degrees?

tried things like this:

but get:
IOException, invalid api: services

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UPDATE one step further,


one step further, using 


returns me a ton of information about that servo -> GREAT!!

however so far any attempt to use "moveTo" in the URL returns "NoSuchMethodException"

any hint welcome

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Try this



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you are the champion -

you are the champion - modifies the targetPosition as I wanted it - thanks a ton

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still a bit of a blind

still a bit of a blind flight.

I try to activate the neck and look from right to left in steps to capture images at different angels. As the InMoov head is so heavy I need to disable autodisable for the moves, otherwise the head sags down.

However my neck looks to get somehow permanently "detached". On startup I set it to enableAutoDisable(0) and it it at it's rest position. Once I start my scan the servo gets detached and Marvin looks at the floor only.

I do in the browser:

http://localhost:8888/api/service/i01.head.neck/enableAutoDisable/false  #neck falls down if not powered up
http://localhost:8888/api/service/i01.head.neck/enable/1  #this does not like true, 1 OK?

however my neck does not get activated, does also not follow commands in the swing gui any more. Swing gui shows it as attached and enabled.


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Documentation exists here

Documentation exists here - 

it describes the two apis in detail.  One synchronous using http, the other asynchronous using websockets.

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hi Grog Thanks for the link.

hi Grog

Thanks for the link. As I can follow the GET method your description lost me on the messages. Maybe reading through it a few times will help me understand it to be able to use it.

however, for my current intention (sending MRL GET's to move the head [camera]) will be sufficient for my current intention to scan a room for an Aruco marker.


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@juerg - I've updated the

@juerg - I've updated the service api to explain in detail how to find methods and their required parameters -