Hex-a-pod Heaven!

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Scout Camp

These are 16 of the 18 Hex-a-pods the Scouts built last week. It was a great time had by all, InMoov was also a show stopper! I have about 500 hours in R&D then 1000 hours printing them. I printed 25 total so far as each leader also made one.

More photos herehttps://github.com/ari86m/Kinne-Hexapod-Software/issues/3


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What a job ! Your printer

What a job !

Your printer must be tired lol. Congrat !

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See I was there!

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Great video !! I would like

Great video !!

I would like to make one for my daugters , can you share your files please ?

How many time does it take to print one hexapod ?


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Files are on Thingiverse!

Yes, I have uploaded the .stl's to Thingiverse!

It takes about 120 hours to print one, maybe much less now that I am printing some parts at a lower iner support.




Links to our software are there too, feel free to improve and share;-P



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Thx wkinne Unfortunatelly,

Thx wkinne

Unfortunatelly, one berring was missing in my 3D printer kit . I must wait a couple of week to receive it

I saw in the video that the printer i bought is the same as your's !

Thx again for the files

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Printer upgrades!

If you purchased the Prusa I3 like mine, you may want to make a few small improvements to save you some headackes. 

1) My printer came with a 20 amp power supply, this was not up to the job, I replaced it with a 30 amp.

Problems it caused - parts were not smoth, very liney, like and old vynal record.


2) The tension spring in the extruder weakened from the heat in about two months, so I drilled a hole so a long screw went right through it and I use the screw for tention now.

Problems it caused - parts looked foamy, air bubbles visable all over them. Very light parts with very little strenth.


3) The controller included with them lasted less than two months, I replaced one with a RAMBo card and on the seond printer I replaced it with a Arduino Mega and a Ramp 1.4. Both seem to work well, the mega and ramp are the ceaper option and really do seem to work just as well as the RAMBo.


Good Luck!!


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Thank you for the advices

Thank you for the advices Wkinne

This is the printer i bought : http://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Black-Factory-High-Quality-Precision-Repra...