Header board made to allow servo plugs to connect to Arduino

Made a header board so I can leave the standard plugs on my servos and just plug them into this which plugs into my arduino.

This allows me to leave the original plugs intact in case I need to replace a servo or use it somewhere else.

Header pins match up to the input pins on my arduino and are jumpered to rails which link up to other header pins on the other side bent at 90 degrees to allow my servo plugs to plug right in.

pic of header pins bent at 90 degrees for servo pins. ( Ignore the bad soldering)

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Nice Work Gregted !

The four pin is for power?

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4 pin is vcc, gnd, gdn, 5

4 pin is vcc, gnd, gdn, 5 volt. I just left the 4 pins there to line up the board on both sides.

A curious thing with my arduino board is the pins on the signal side aren't consistant with the holes on my project board. There is a little break between 7 and 8 but not enough to be a full row of holes. Had to cut the board and file a small amount to line up the little bit of board.

The other side of gnd and power has a break also but the break is a full width of holes so it is ok.

Can't figure that one out.

Both boards will fit in the forearm, in front of the servo bed and all 6 servos can be unplugged without dissasembling anything and the only wire leaving the arm is the usb for the arduino.

My new printed pulleys are working out great. 25mm diameter by 8mm high with a recess of 4mm deep by 2mm wide.

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I think that possibly the

I think that possibly the strange footprint of the Arduino headers, is so that any boards plugged in can only be plugged in one way - so that it is "keyed"

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Good idea. The only downside

Good idea. The only downside of my header board is that I have to triple check everytime I unplug servos so I don't plug them back in the wrong way.

That would be bad.