Having problems

Hi guys, I am still having problems, I erased all files for Version 1712 and started over again. When I load all programs via the runtime It will fail and not load all of them. I have sent a no-workey. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Thanks BC

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The error is related to

The error is related to HttpClient ..  throw 1712 away..
Use the official release 1723 .. its even on github...


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That Fixed the problem

Hi GroG, thank you loading 1723 solved the problem. I still have one problem left, I can locate the Subdirectory MRLCOMM but I can not find The MRLComm.ino file. Can you please help me?


Thanks BillC

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File extensions

Hi Bill

As we found out yesterday, the problem with finding the MRLComm.ino file was that the file extensions aren't shown as default in windows. Here is a video that shows how you can change that.