Handy little app for Pi afficionados.

I have found this little app from Adafruit to be really handy when I want to ssh into a Raspberry Pi but can't remember the I.P.  Works on most OSs.

This can be annoying when you have a bunch of them as a few of us do. 

Just click on 'Find my Pi' and it will come up with the I.P. for the near-by Pi.  

Use ethernet if it doesn't already have wifi up. 

You don't have to do anything else unless you want to use it to ssh in as well. You can use the terminal in it too if you want to do something quickly like start VNCServer or something.    



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Interesting find

Very interesting find there! I especially like the bootstrap feature to change hostname and stuff without having to do it manually.

On a side not, Raspbian includes a set of packages collectively known as Avahi, a Bonjour implementation for Linux. The default configuration broadcasts the hostname on the network with a .local domain. So, you could try ssh to the hostname + .local

Ex: My Raspberry Pi 3 is called robopi. So, to ssh into it, I simply do this:

ssh pi@robopi.local

This only works on Linux and Mac machines, unless you install Apple's Bonjour services in Windows (they come with iTunes).

To see all Bonjour services broadcast on your network, download Zeroconf Browser for Android (Zeroconf is what everyone besides Apple calls it, no idea what the iPhone equivalent is). Linux machines with the default Avahi configuration broadcast a Workstation type

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multicast DNS

Bonjour for Window is available here:


The really nice thing is that you can connect to a brand new PI without using any HDMI cable or keybord.

Just connect a network cable between the PI and your computer. You can do it using a hub, with a twisted cable and even with a straight network cable. The PI will figure out if the cable is twisted or not.

Then you can ssh to the new PI from a commad prompt like this:

ssh pi@raspberry.local

It's a good idea to change the hostname, after you connected it, since you otherwise may get a conflict if you have more than one PI.

It's also a method that you can use for IOT stuff. I used it on my ESP8266 so that I could connect to it independent of what ip-address it happended to get.



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Lots of options, there.

Thanks for all that useful info, guys.  It's handy to be able to expand from the basics and/or understand why things have been working. I have used .local in the past when sshing into the Dexter Industries Raspian version but never really understood why. Helpful to know. 

I wondered what Bonjour was. Someone from AVG once told me to delete it when I had a browser-hijacker problem. Don't know why, though.