Fully 3D Printed Animatronic Mouth - and another good reason for the ServoMixer service ;)

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Had to repost worthy video

Had to repost worthy video Alexinator references here - http://myrobotlab.org/content/integrated-movement-service-creation

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I have Alex mutch small

I have Alex mutch small version of this in 1 thousen piece on my worktable, lol :)

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looks really impressing and

looks really impressing and neat!! - is that your own development or have you had it based on an existing animatronic mouth?

it looks like you will have an almost endless combination possibility of servo setting and speed - and dynamic restrictions as you have mentioned when asking for a new service to handle such a complex setup.

besides showing emotions I imaging getting a natural looking movement with spoken words (ha ha, in more than 1 language?) will be a steep ramp.

whish you good luck and hope to see shared parts/assembly instructions in the future?


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Hey Juerg. This is someone

Hey Juerg. This is someone elses animatronic mouth i found on youtube. I have reverse engineered it from the video to fit into my advanced head mod. Im hoping you've kept up with my progress as this will be one of the largest and most advanced mods currently available. In case you havent heard about my advanced head, the basis is simple. Make inmoov's head have everything a human head has.  It will be controlled by 28 servos! Currently in the works:

  • Eye mechanism -   Both eyes should be able to rotate left/right  35 degrees and up/down 25 degrees. There will be 4 eyelids EACH of which can be controlled independently to allow for blinking, winking, squinting, etc.
  • Eyebrow mechanism-  simple eyebrow pieces that will both rotate and translate similar to a human eyebrow. Each eyebrow can be controlled independently.
  • Mouth mechanism- as discussed above, the mouth mech will run exactly like the one in the video, with the lip pieces made out of ninjaflex and screwed together.  The jaw will be able to move forward and backward as well. While the video has its own forward/backward movement setup for the jaw, I am custom designing one that will fit inmoov's head.  A realistic lip cover will be provided to hide the controlled lip pieces and to make inmoov's lips look more realistic.  I will also provide ninjaflex covers that go from the jaw/mouth down to the neck mechanism to cover up all the internals of the head.
  • Teeth and tongue-   The mouth mechanism includes a full set of teeth. Each tooth is screwed in, allowing for easy customization to your inmoov's teeth.   A FULLY animatronic tongue designed by myself will allow inmoov to stick his tongue out, move it left and right, and curl it.  Covers may be provided for the inside of the mouth to create the appearance that inmoov has cheeks inside his mouth
  • Neck mechanism-    I will not be creating a new neck mechanism, however, I am making the head able to be used with both the Drupp neck (available on thingiverse :  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2059967)  and Gael's new neck. 
  • Head-turning mechanism-    A redesign may be in the works for building a belt driven head turning mechanism including a large bearing to make head turning very smooth.
  • Ears-    The ears are being remodeled into two pieces. The first piece is the skull piece which will likely twist in like the original ear pieces (though a different method might be chosen before release). This skull piece will now be flush with the skull and will follow the curves of the head.  The ear itself will be a separate piece that can be printed in ninjaflex to make it bendable like the human ear and can be screwed into the previously mentioned skull piece. The ear canals of these pieces will allow for a single microphone or a microphone array to be inserted. This might allow us to ditch the use of headsets to talk with inmoov. Also I am hoping the mrl community will be able to help me implement a sound localization service to allow for inmoov to find the source of a sound.  
  • Nose -   Nothing is being done in regards to nose movements at this time as they are minuscule and not very necessary for full emotions.  HOWEVER, I am thinking about creating a smelling mechanism. Essentially this would just be a bunch of odor sensors currently available on the market. There could be a possibility that combining the results of these sensors, we could get a limited "smell" identifier created. Though until the technology advances further, it will be quite limited. It can be useful for identifying gas leaks and what not. 

For the most part, I am keeping my designs and assembly instructions secret until release. This mod will be available on thingiverse once finished, but if you want sneak peeks and possibly early access to parts of this mod, keep an eye on the shoutbox here on mrl.org. Tomorrow i may have a video of the eye mechanism working. Currently i have spawn doing testing of my mechanisms for me as I have run out of filament for my printer. 

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If you post it on

If you post it on thingiverse, then they can do with it what they want! I would post it on github with only a reference on thingiverse, something with copyright and so.

Thats why many dont post to thingiverse anymore.

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hi Alexinator thanks a lot

hi Alexinator

thanks a lot for your lengthy reply. not only have you shown an amazing compact design for multiple mouth movements - you also burst of additional ideas for real great head improvements!

I will try to follow your progress


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thingiverse allows you to

thingiverse allows you to select the licensing for your posted part(s). Not that it might happen that somebody does not care about it but at least you have a proof that you posted it with limitations.