FPGA Demo Boards

Gareth mentioned this in the shoutbox - looks interesting - didn't want it to fall of the shoutbox conveyor belt

The idea of programming one of these things looks potentially rewarding, but at the same time hurts my wee head :P

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that was a fun discussion,

that was a fun discussion, I'm considering buying one to test with.  If all works well, it might be a specifical board for inmoov/MRL, but it might bring us closer to matching all those other droids out there :)

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..."Level Up"

Well GroG & Elves.... as the robotic systems on MRL are starting to bend the capabilities of Atmel range, it is good time to check out possibilities to "Level Up".

Its not an easy decision to choose an upgrade from the Arduino or Atmel range.. 

I have tried Raspberry and was immediately trapped by the lack of GPIO .... (its a programmers board).

The Deo Nano looks a good choice as it has accelerometers and plenty of GPIO pins ... Plus the software is supplied (carful not all the "Deals" come with software) .... What Gave me a double take with the EEVBlog (22:00 in) was at the end was the systems builder interface that  had that MRL feel ....

There is also "Arm" / "Risc" boards

and CPLD  (Complex Programmable Logic Device.)

Maybe its good for everyone to "Brain_Storm" ideas here ... and then get a general trend of what is possible.


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slightly disagree

Gareth, honestly, the best thing we can do for MRL is get away from developer boards and build a custom one for MRL, like I'm doing.  while arduino/raspi/de0/etc are great testing boards, they are generic for that reason.  I have decided to go the route of FPGA and will grab myself a de0 for testing purposes, but the board I am designing is going to be 100% custom, using the cyclone IV FPGA.


Once I modify the schematic and get started with it, I'll post updates here as usual.