execute python function repeatedly timed

I have modified cabling for my self leveling hand to be controlled through the right arm arduino.

Calamity has shown me a way of setting up an interrupt by the used BNO055 to trigger my control code for bending/rotation of the wrist when orientation has changed over thresholds.

Currently my hand however has no provision for another signal cable (ISR) and I wanted to control it by cyclic calls to my controlling python script.

Seen that I probably could use the clock service to trigger my python function - but do not see at the moment how to connect my python function "def keepHandLeveled(side)" with the clock.broadcastState()?


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Hi juerg it is in my plan to

Hi juerg

it is in my plan to implement what you want in the BNO055 service, unfortunatly I have miss time to implement it. Work work is heavy at this time of the year and have I been drag to other project.

in the meantime, look at gael script, you will found a walking thread (or something). You can use similar thing to run your BNO query in parallel to your main script so it do not make your main script unresponsive