Double Speaking Manticore with WebkitSpeechRecognition + NaturalReaderSpeech

Gael reported a problem with Manticore release.
When using a fingerstarter & natural reader speech service, it would "double speak"

I looked into the details and found WebkitSpeechReader was publishText was "calling" recognized.

I do not think this is desired.

WebkitSpeechReader is a text publisher and a recognizer.  So I would expect both of these events fired when it recognizes something.  But these are independent events and should NOT be calling one another.

Below I fixed


And here is a work-around for the current release of Manticore in Python.
It simply comments out all the addCommand statements - and adds a subscription from the ear to python.
"ALL" recognized text will flow now from the ear to python once. 
In the function onRecognized - python simply inspects the text recognized and does the correct action.