Distributed MRL + WebGUI ... Sorting out the mess :)

Progress of sorts. Looked into the issue of all the callback data not working..  Heh, I chased the issue, thinking it might be a "new" issue since msgs were being "routed" through a mrl instance..    Nope, was a silly old issue of new services not being registered (previously I started the webgui after attaching the raspis ... now I created the webgui on the mac before connecting the raspis .. 


1. I saw the clock gui get out of start/stop synch when starting from the swing gui
2. the raspi gui appears to be "kindof" worky - I'm surprised !  .. but it only lists the runtime .. weird ?


I've been trying to help Alessandruino with connectivity between multiple instances of MRL.  He is trying to run a Myo armband on his mac and send the result data to a RasPi which will be controlling servos/InMoov.

With a raspi it's nice to be headless - as X-windows + Swing is a decent amount of resources which probably could be used somewhere else.   He's using the Swing GUI on his mac, but I thought isn't it about time we have it all accessable from the Web ?

With a few changes I have gotten this far.  My test simulates 4 headless raspi(s) connected in a star topology to a mac - the mac also is running the webgui.  

Previously, I found all the connections would abort - but that "still" has to do with the (not so easily trasported) Arduino service being serialized (or not) :P

Right now you can see all the services, but there are still a variety of problems..  I can send control messages to the RasPi, but the callbacks do not work yet...

The raspi(s) know about the mac, and the mac knows about the raspi(s) - but the raspi(s) dont know about each other.  Previously, the webgui would only know about the mac...

Yeah, its not a real mac :)