Deo_Nano (FPGA) Meets Gareths Kardio Rhythm




At Last I have been able to experiment with my  terasic Deo_Nano Development Board .

It uses a Altera Cyclone IV, EP4CE22F17C6N, FPGA chip.

My example above connects the Deo to the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield to measure my Heart activity using the Onboard ADC chip and Displayed on the on board LED array.

The Olimex is a 3 probe system essential for the correct measurment of heart activity using this configuration :-

Einthoven's triangle is an imaginary formation of three limb leads in a triangle used in EKG, formed by the two shoulders and the pubis. The shape forms an inverted equilateral triangle with the heart at the center that produces zero potential when the voltages are summed.

The probes can be arranged to measure the electrical activity of any muscle depending on the placement.

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Thanks for that .. I looked

Thanks for that .. I looked at a few of the details .. still has to sink in..

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As my FPGA can now emulate a Propeller.... the mechanics! of adding it to MRL are simple.... the hardest part is how to best present in a gui all the (possible) 88 I/O pins  (plus 8 anaogs!!).