I decided this weekend to make a pc board for the DC-DC voltage regulator circuit. I have not used the pc board machine for a couple of years. It can only do single sided or 2 sided boards. I designed the circuit and board in “Eagle Software”. That software puts out a file, Gerber format, that the machine takes in and cuts. Decided to go with Kevin’s advice and put 4 LM338’s on it. So it should be able to handle 20 amps. Trying to brush Azul’s hair I had the 2 channel DC-DC circuit (now in Azul) drop down to 3.3 volts and fail. Kevin is right you need more than 10 amps when moving many servos. I had to order parts but will update you when I get it installed.


8 years ago

HI, It's interesting ! i'm just looking for someting like that. The board i did work well for the servomotors ,arduino, U.sensors ,etc But the LM7806 isn't enough strong for the two motors . I thinked connect them to 12v and use PWM beetween 0 and 50% but after asked on some forum , someone advise me to use and LM2576 (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm2576.pdf) Here is the board i use for now :

Arduino is ... Arduino ! , Capteurs is sensors, and servomoteurs is servomotors