Hello all, 

 im trying to give some more flavor to the chatbot!!!

my idea is to tell him to save an email, and he would add it to a emails.txt (for exemple), then ask him to send an email to a certain person from the list.


Ofc additional features like ask to list the emails, or to have more complete contact info would be evn nicer!

I ave been trying to use the alice2 to take some ideas, but not getting anywhere yet!!

Anyone can help me? 


6 years 4 months ago

Hi Pedro !

Did you get this working with kwatters suggestion ?

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so im making some progress, and tbh the real deal is not the scripts of python! is to use the aiml!

Im inserting this on the bot alice 2.0, and basically what is happening is the network behind is always interfiring with my email chain talk.

The chain is subject->content>receiver>

everytime the robot asks for one of these for exemple "what is the subject" i want to answer to a free answer "*" and the problem is the aiml keeps pushing for the random answers instead of following the conversation.

I dont know why this happens since this is inside a topic "send email", and the robot is inside a <.that> answer, so the "*" should have priority for from the rendom ansers no?