Spent the weekend getting Azul and scooter working on 1.0.107. 

In my last version of MRL I cleared the serial port buffer with:

#would like to clean out serial buffer

def clearbuffer():

  crap = 0

  for i in range(1,100):    


      crap = serial.read()


# pass or break next does not work


which does not work anymore in latest version of mrl

Now I use:

def clearbuffer():
  crap = 0
  crap = serial.available()
  print("cbuf " + str(crap))    #show me how many characters
  for i in range(1,crap):
    junk = serial.read()         #clean out serial buffer

This works a lot better!

I also had trouble getting OpenNI to work again. I removed the mrl folder and the .repo folder under my user. Removed and reinstalled kinect 1.8, OpenNI-windows-x64-2.2, and NITE-Windows-x64-2.2 Installed MRL 1.0.107. By looking at the mrl log I found that SimpleOpenNI64.dll was in the wrong folder. Moving it to the correct folder solved the problem.

now on to new things...life is good