Can i download fress jar file for Nixie

Can you please give me link to nixie. My pc was capture by Randsome virus so i lost everything please




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Hi Adolph, Here is the link

Hi Adolph,
I hope you are doing well.

Here is the link ... it is a zip now instead of a jar.
When you unzip it - there will be 3 files 


You should be able to click on the myrobotlab.bat and it should work.
This is the link  to download -

Also, you might want to join us on myrobotlab discord channel - here -

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no workey brain start program AB

I have send no workey

If i start service error


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got every thing working except Mike


Nixi is working but Mike Mute directly if i press it





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no worky is no worky...

Ahoy Adolph,

  I don't think the no worky sending is working at the moment..  share your myrobotlab.log file in the discord channel.

  It sounds like you are having a problem with speech recognition.  Are you using the chrome web browser?  You might have to give the browser permission to user the microphone.  If i had to guess, it's failing because you have  a security setting that denies the microphone access to chrome.


  good luck

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Mike Not Working



I am using Microsoft edge


Thank you