Cam not working openCV {Solved}

Hi all! 

I am having issues getting ANY cam to work with openCV. I have tried several cams including a MS lifecam HD-3000.

I have attached a picture of the error I get immediatly after starting openCV.  All Cams work fine in other programs. 

NullPointerException null

I also sent a no worky

Thanks for the help!


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hi tdp378 and welcome ! :) I

hi tdp378 and welcome ! :)

I see you are using version 1.0.107... it's a bit old , and we cannot change the old versions (mmm... maybe a time machine) so i suggest using latest badass version :

Make a new folder and install this version..i'm pretty sure it will work out of the box !

Let us know !


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Doh! I'm up and running now.


I'm up and running now. Thank you!